About Taxil Technologies®
Taxil Technologies® is a SaaS(Software as a Service) platform which brings the next-generation digital publishing service that helps clients market and distribute print materials in easy-to-read digital editions via e-mail and the Internet using only a standard Web browser! 

Taxil Technologies® helps publishers provide digital versions of their magazines, catalogs, travel and other collateral.

If you want to lower your distribution costs, reach a wider audience and increase advertising revenues,
Taxil Technologies® will convert your printed magazine into an online magazine, also known as a digital magazine or e-magazine.

We can also optimize print catalogs, travel and other collateral materials into digital versions.
Benefits and Features
Low price publications
Lower printing, distribution and business costs
Drive traffic to your website
Increase advertising revenue
Increase your circulation using a fully searchable edition
Simple, Easy to Use publication viewer
Create Unlimted hyperlinks inside publication. Link each product to product page on your website.
Real-time statistics. See who is reading, see reader's country, state, city. See where readers clicked the most.
Go "Green" by reducing Waste. Save Paper-Save Trees 
Publication Viewer
3D Page Flipping with mouse
One Click Page Zooming. Magnify any part of page without reloading page.
Magnify pages up to 300% of original size
Keyword Searching option to find anything inside publication
Pring any page of publication
Share on Social Networks like Facebookm MSN Spaces, Digg etc
Integrated Page Thumbnail viewer
PDF download link for offline reading and printing
All major operating systems are supported (Windows, Macintosh, Linux)
All major web browsers are supported
Display on any Screen Resolution. Publication viewer will auto-fit on any screen.
Display in Full Screen mode and hide browser
Integrated Help Screen
Instant digital Publication Activation on Payment Confirmation with Credit Card and Paypal
Powerful PDF Converter and backend options for publishers
Our software can compress print ready PDF pages for fast online viewing
Amazing Image Quality
External Hyperlinks, Email Links, Internal Page links in PDF
Text collection from Pages for Searching and SEO
Keep Vector Graphics inside pages
Statistics/Reporting of your Publications
  Publication Analysis. See detailed report of your publication.
  Visitors Analysis. See detailed report of readers. See location of readers.
  SEO Analysis. See how your publication is performing on search engines.
SEO- Search Engine Optimization
All publications will be optimized for Google and Yahoo search engines. Users can search your publication in Google and Yahoo.
View Reports of major Robots when they will crawl your publication. (e.g. GoogleBot, Yahoo Slurp! Etc.)
View Reports of all keywords users will type in search engines to view your publications. We collect information from Google, Yahoo and MSN (Bing)
SEO- Search Engine Optimization
Sell Magazine, E-book or Publication subscription with Paypal
Subscription plan
Taxil Technologies® Clients
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» PDF to interactive publication conversion with Page Flipping
» Integrate publicaiton in unlimited websites
» Zoom pages up to 300%
» Share on Social Networks like Facebook, MSN Spaces
» Thumbnail Viewer
» Keyword Search option
» Email to Friends
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» All options from starter package
» Create, Update or Delete hyperlinks
» Add Rich multimedia inside pages like audio, video, flash animation, images
» Create Table of Contents
» Change Color themes
» Sell subscriptions with paypal
» Add or remove subscriptions manually
» View Subscription Revenue Report
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» All features from Starter+Pro packages
» Advanced Reporting - View Geo Location of readers. See where users clicked most often in each page, what keywords were typed and who emailed who and more?
» SEO(Search Engine Optimization) Appear in Google and Yahoo search engines. Generate More Traffic!

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